Jungle: An introduction to my latest musical obsession

Ah, the inaugural post by SynthPop Rocks. I felt compelled to feature a new, talented electronic-soul band from the United Kingdom that is a perfect blend of old-time funk/soul and synthpop

Their sound has an edgy twist layered with a wide-variety of instruments including synthesizers, bongos, electric guitar, wind chimes, shakers, horns, and much more. 

Jungle: Concert Review (short and sweet)

-The Black Cat, Washington, D.C. – September 30, 2014

I was thrilled and could not help but feel privileged to see these incredible musicians live at the Black Cat. For the live show, the band consisted of 7 members; On stage, Jungle was active, visually mesmerizing, and produced a great sound instrumentally and vocally; which in turn, created an energy that was so captivating, that I floated up and up and eventually onto cloud nine

Two cool things that I noticed: 
–     Two percussionists played on two separate drum sets while playing a variety of other instruments such as bongos, shakers, wind chimes, and tambourines.
–     The two backup singers had some serious swagger – simultaneously boasting their beautiful voices, snapping their fingers, with a soulful dance routine.

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